Navigation system for the objects of the building, mall, exhibition



Information kiosks were widely disseminated in business centers. Detailed information and spectacular illustrations of all offers on real estate objects without the need for personal visits to the client save time and give a colorful idea about the object (photos, 3D-visualization) -these features are provided by an information kiosk. It is also possible to make a virtual tour of objects, compare them, get legal references, calculate a mortgage and place an order. Installation of interactive equipment in business centers reduces the cost of providing background information and supports a modern high-tech image. The navigation system for Shopping Centers is designed to organize the navigation of visitors to the shopping center. With the help of such kiosks, buyers can get acquainted with the shopping center plan, the layouts of various departments, information about discounts, sales, promotions, a list of services provided and their locations. Also, kiosks can act as advertising media, which can serve as a source of additional profit for their owners. An analogue for placing such information can serve as back projection films and interactive touch tables.

Software functions:

  • Convenient search and navigation in the catalog of enterprises of the city and shopping and entertainment center with a developed system of categories and filters
  • Search by actions, events and vacancies of enterprises
  • View as much detailed information about the selected company:

a) its description and information articles related to it

b) lists of goods and services of the enterprise, divided into categories, with detailed descriptions and photos

Company's photo gallery

Location on the city map (using the Google map) and on the map of the mall

Branch information

Information about the actions, events and vacancies of the enterprise

Detailed 2D scalable map of all levels of the shopping mall with its enterprises linked to it and convenient navigation system

Providing SMS coupons for discounts on goods and services of enterprises

Software features:

  • Beautiful, stylish design of the interface, with the binding of a separate color scheme to each semantic group (companies, stocks, events, etc.)
  • FullHD support
  • Configurable synchronization with the database on the server
  • Communication with a centralized database using a special API developed by us
  • Maintenance of detailed logs of the program
  • System for notification of the status of the system by E-mail
  • High software stability to errors and autonomy


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