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Software for navigation in shopping centers, malls and shops - a powerful, convenient and beautiful 3D travel guide! 3D Wayfinder - three-dimensional guide to the building: useful, convenient, beautiful, cost-effective. 3D Wayfinder is designed for universal stores, hospitals, universities, museums and large building offices. An interactive index on the building will allow the person to independently help them find necessary services and goods, see their location and the way to them on the map. The three-dimensional model is created according to the plans for the construction of the building, and by drawings. 3D Wayfinder works on large touch screens reacting to touch, which are in information kiosks. 3D Wayfinder saves the visitor time of the complex and the time of employees and naturally saves money. Tenants themselves can change and update their data. The owner of the building will earn money from the sale of advertising banners that can contain animated elements, hyperlinks to the advertiser's site or a page with additional information.


  • Ability to mark important places with badges - toilets, stairs, elevators, parking lots, ATMs
  • The ability to add and update ads of three types
  • 3D Graphic Navigator
  • Calendar and news
  • Statistics module
  • Systematized information search by keywords, product groups, or by brand
  • Ability to change appearance at will
  • Simple administration via WEB
  • Multi-language interface


Easy navigation
- 3Dwayfinder displays a 3D model of your building on the touch screen "touch screen".

With the help of 3D-plan it is easier to understand:

  • where are you
  • at in which direction you are looking
  • how to get to the appointed place

Using the touch screen floor plan, you can interactively increase and reduce, rotate and move in all directions. All existing facilities such as escalators, doors, elevators, trees, stairs, etc. can be included in the plan. Displaying floor plans can be easily switched.

You fre here

In the 3DWayfinder application, it is easy to change and adjust the appearance of the "You are here" point. This is the point that indicates the location of the kiosk on the map. The change in location does not disrupt the location of the routes on the plan.

Points of Interest (POI) - Point of Interest

Different places that are important for visitors, for example: shops, toilets, ATMs, exits, etc. Every POI that appears on the 3D plan and in the menu can have a unique icon. Each POI has a name, identifier, icon, text and additional parameter tables.

Search and grouping

All infrastructure objects are grouped by subject in alphabetical order and also grouped by floors. The keyboard layout is selected depending on the language and closes automatically when it is not used.

Route visualization

After searching or selecting the destination, the shortest route will be displayed on the 3D plan. Routes are calculated automatically or can be changed by the administrator. The route is displayed as an animated dotted line. If the destination is on a different floor, the route can be viewed on a floor. The length of the route and the estimated time of arrival will be displayed on the screen. Visitors can choose alternative routes, for example - optimized for the disabled (no steps).

Management via WEB

Managers and tenants can enter the system and manage the information themselves. Managers have personal access to the site and can give access to the functionality of tenants to:

  • Add / change POI. For example, if a tenant of a room changes, you can instantly change the name and icon
  • Define keywords
  • Get an overview of statistics
  • Place ads and advertisements
  • Managers can determine the conditions for tenants (advertising costs)
  • Users can log in with a password, change their information, advertise or order advertising
  • The administrator can independently upload the 3D model of the building and configure the points of interest (POI) and users


Who visits your building

To manage large buildings it is important to obtain information about visitors and their needs. This is especially true in shopping centers where rents depend on the trend of visiting. You can see what your visitors wanted to find in your building.

The statistics will answer the following questions:

  • What language do the visitors say?
  • Which kiosk is most used?
  • What times of visit are the most popular?
  • Which people are most likely to visit your building and what is the age of visitors? (additional equipment is required)

A new approach to advertising

3DWayfinder is very attractive for the client

Contextual ads

Contextual ads are shown in accordance with the chosen topic, allowing the announcement to be more targeted and useful for the visitor.

Three types of ads:

  • Advertising banners that can contain illustrations, videos, animations, etc.
  • A dedicated catalog of items with additional ad text similar to Google. Paid Links
  • Pop-up 3D banners-pointers on the map

Sale of advertising

Managers can give tenants or other advertisers access to adding or changing ads themselves. All accounts and bank transfers are automatically made for payment by major credit cards: VISA, MasterCard and American Express.

All ads can be rated according to the following parameters:

  • time frame
  • keywords for search
  • subject
  • minimum fee

Individual settings and communication

On the administration page, you can select the most suitable design for your application from the list of ready-made templates. You can also make your own template with HTML, CSS and JavaScript and using the API. Ready templates In the ready-made templates, you can change the following elements:

  • Logotype
  • Colors
  • Font styles
  • Icons

Using the User Interface (API)

This application is easily accessible via JSON Allows you to perform the following operations:

  • Adding, changing and grouping points of interest
  • Changing, adding and removing ads
  • Create and manage user accounts
  • Setting up routes - which parts of the building are occupied and by whom
  • Usage statistics
  • Adding and removing languages, managing translations

Connecting using social networks

Many companies use social networks to inform people about news, events, special offers, etc. 3DWayfinder can be integrated into social networks using APIs and templates.

3D maps on your site The 3DWayfinder application can be built into your website. It works with most common browsers: Mozilla, IE, Safari, etc. On Windows or Macintosh operating systems. Requires Unity Web Player plugin. By embedding 3D maps on a website, visitors will have up-to-date information on stores and offers. As a rule, it attracts visitors with its interactivity and advertises your center as an innovative and progressive place.

Put it anywhere

3DWayfinder works on hardware for kiosks or on ordinary personal computers under Windows or Macintosh. A kiosk can be located almost anywhere in the room or on the street. The best places for 3DWayfinder are those where there is an active movement:

  • Entry
  • Exit
  • Near the information desk
  • Not far from elevators, stairs and escalators

There are different types of kiosks. Stand-alone devices with a large touch screen (32 "- 46") are the most popular. To work 3Dwayfinder requires a video card, at least, the middle class.


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