Software Photokiosk - Acceptance of orders (possibly with instant printing)



This program is designed for installation in photo kiosks, which are designed to receive orders from customers, on photo printing, from any type of digital media, namely: USB devices, various memory cards, CD / DVD drive, Bluetooth device. The interface of the program is optimized for touch control, which makes it intuitive and accessible to virtually any category of the population. The program allows you not only to read photos from media, but also to edit them. Provided are the simplest functions, so as not to "heap up" superfluous, such as: framing, discoloration, rotation. Also implemented the administration function, which allows you to adjust the pricing policy of the photo studio. In our opinion - our software is one of the most understandable and functionally-optimized in this market.

Software functions:

  • Print photos with payment acceptance or print order for selected photos
  • The ability to download photos from external storage media (USB "flash drive", memory card) and from mobile devices using Bluetooth data transfer protocol
  • Editing the selected photos (changing the proportions, color scheme, cropping, rotation)

Software features:

  • Support for common image formats
  • Convenient work with Bluetooth and navigation through the external media file system
  • Intuitive, beautiful graphical user interface
  • The software can go in 2 variations:

- with support for instant printing of selected photos and receiving cash as payment

- with the possibility to issue an order for printing


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