POS terminal for vending MDB (QR, FaceID, API, Fiscal)



Universal MDB module for payment for goods by non-standard methods, as well as fiscal reporting in vending machines. The module can: - generate a QR code to go to the website of the online payment service - read virtual wallet barcode - read cards or key fobs of the access control system - accept payment, determine age and gender by face - generate a fiscal check ... and other options on request

A universal device designed to accept payment for goods in vending machines (MDB protocol), both by credit card and alternative methods: QR code, FaceID, ACS card, etc., and also allows you to generate fiscal reporting and keep statistics.


- ARM miniPC

- LCD display 3.5" (option 5"-10")

- ethernet, wifi

- QR and Barcode scanner (option)

- PayPass payment terminal (optional)

- RFID NFC/Mifare/Em-Marine reader (option)

- camera (option)

- MDB protocol (any option)

Accepted payment options for goods:

- Accepting payment by physical credit card

- PayPass payment acceptance: ApplePay, GooglePay

- acceptance of payment by generating a QR code, with a transition to the online payment site

- acceptance of payment by cards or ACS key fobs

- accepting payments from virtual wallets via QR or barcode

- accepting payment on command via API from a remote accounting system

Additional features:

- fiscal reporting and receipt generation

- transfer of statistics to the monitoring server


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