Software for information kiosks

Pricefrom $5,000.00
Software for navigation in shopping centers, malls and shops - a powerful, convenient and beautiful ..
Pricefrom $1,000.00
Software for information kiosks and payment terminals, designed to: provide information about goods,..
Pricefrom $50.00
Secure Internet browser for touch-based kiosks. It supports the creation of black and white lists fo..
Pricefrom $2,000.00
Software for navigation through shopping and entertainment centers and exhibitions. Main functions: ..
Pricefrom $1,000.00
Information kiosks were widely disseminated in business centers. Detailed information and spectacula..
Pricefrom $500.00
Specialized software developed by us as a platform for building solutions for: museums, exhibitions,..
Pricefrom $149.00
SiteKiosk software for sensory information terminals with public access to the Internet. Huge functi..
Pricefrom $100.00
We develop, implement and maintain software for sensor kiosks, payment terminals and Self-service sy..