Automatic machine for selling non-freezing liquid in washer



Self-service machine for the sale of non-freezing liquid for the washer glass, in the people it is also called - nezamerzayka. The vending machine accepts payment by bills, coins or tokens, works in all weather conditions and is designed for filling non-freezing or other liquids. An excellent new direction of vending business, associated only with a growing fleet of cars.

Automatic glass liquid washer for auto... new and promising business?!

Probably, every motorist who has a driving experience at least several years, faced with the situation when in the off-season suddenly frosts come and the glass covers the plaque from the mud and slush, and even tries to instantly freeze to the windshield. Often, in response to pressing the button of the glass washer pump, a tense and, at the same time, helpless hum of the motor is heard, resulting in the sprinkling of fluid from the sprinklers... and even they quickly stop. The reason for this is the freezing of washer fluid in the system, since it is not designed for use in minus weather.

Of course, from such trouble there is a salvation - an ice-free liquid or as it is also called motorists: "ice-free". Glass with a good antifreeze is instantly laundered and shines with cleanliness, and the road is perfectly visible at any time of the day. But... for our man, the cold season always comes suddenly, therefore, in most cases, no one has a cherished saving fluid. It would seem that it can be simpler, you just need to go and buy it in the store, but here we are helped by inconveniences:

First of all: the store can not be near and not be, and even if it even exists, then it is possible to queue or God forbid completely closed. Secondly: the stores never sell the exact amount of the necessary liquid, and motorists have to buy a whole canister, and the remains should be placed in an already empty trunk... and the risks that the unfreezing will not evenly spread over the bottom of the trunk is canceled.

Third: there is a lot of counterfeit unfreezing in the market, which does not stand up to the declared temperature regimes, but about the threat to life it would not be desirable and remember. Even pairs of poor-quality products that inevitably fall into the car's interior can cause poisoning.

And, finally: from a canister to pour liquid into the washer reservoir is not very convenient... we can say - not at all convenient. Well, to store in the valuable useful volume of the trunk also a watering can - this can not be discussed.

And here, we lead you to just the perfect solution to all the above problems: And the solution is the installation of self-service machines that sell non-freezing liquid 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, year-round, and even dispense the amount necessary for the car enthusiast. It is worthwhile to focus attention on the possible places of installation of such automatic machines, in fact, there are no restrictions and places of accommodation can become the most visited by motorists places: parking lots, car washes, gas stations, car-care centers, supermarkets and even roadside cafes. The undoubted advantages of the existence of such automata involuntarily lead to a very good and promising business idea.

In so far, the more developed western countries (not long before they were left), vending machines for the sale of non-frost protection have long been in the right places, but in our countries, this type of business is still in its embryonic state, and our company, as a developer, manufacturer and implementer of solutions for self-service. We have developed and introduced into the assortment a new kind of automatic machine for selling dispensing liquid to the car washer. And, as it was noted earlier, we state for our customers: do not miss this unique moment when you need to enter this promising market with intelligence, but by the mind, by purchasing this kind of automatic machines and placing them in the most demanded places for motorists. < / p>

A little bit about vending machines:

The vending machine is specifically designed to sell the washer fluid of the car's glass, and in winter time it can be sold "unfrozen", and in the summer time - "freezing."

The machine is equipped with a vandal-hooded body, cash reception devices, an information display and, of course, a pump. A specialized liquid dosing system controlled by a programmable control controller ensures that the liquid is dispensed exactly to the amount deposited, which eliminates the overflow of fluid from the washer reservoir, and does not create complications with the customer. Self-service self-service machines of this type work around the clock and year-round, through the use of reliable and fault-tolerant components, as well as the use of life support technologies for electronic components in a wide range of temperature conditions. Installed such machines in the first place: at gas stations and parking lots, car washes and car-care centers, as well as various shopping complexes.

To whom is it profitable to develop a business of vending trade of non-freezing liquid?

Firstly - these are all those who already have something to do with business related to cars. Owners of operating: car-care centers, gas stations, shopping complexes, parking lots, car washes, etc. Having installed an automatic device for bottling ice-free, which will work smoothly even on a day off and at night, when there are no staff, the business owner will provide himself with an additional source of income. Agree, which businessman will give up an additional source of income?!

Secondly - the installation of vending machines, can become the beginning of own business for those people who are only looking for application to their enthusiasm and entrepreneurial abilities... Vending for the sale of non-freezing liquid is a good option to realize yourself and build a highly profitable network of machines.

There is one more way to achieve the goal of network development: Often it happens that the owners of the operating auto business do not want to be engaged in maintenance and refueling of such automatic machines, although the places of operation of their facilities are very attractive and in demand. In this case, they are quite satisfied with the rent, which they can receive from each installed machine. As they say: And sheep are whole and wolves are full... the auto business of the owner will provide a new kind of service, and the headache for its function will not increase.

Costs and revenues:

Of course, anyone who intends to develop a vending business, will be interested: what kind of profit can be expected from such machines. We will make approximate calculations...

Obviously, the profit will directly depend on how many cars a day there are in places of installation of automatic devices. The more cars, the higher the probability that the device will be used regularly, and the revenue will depend on it. According to statistics, on car washes for an average of 2000 liters of non-freezing liquid is sold per season. The price of one liter is from 30 to 40 rubles. From each liter of the sold unfrozen, it is offered to give 10 rubles to the owner of the place where the machine is installed as a rent.

According to the same inexorable statistics, at least 200 liters of ice-freezing in winter and 150 liters of freezing - in summer - are sold in a good place. The cost of 1 liter of ice-free "-20" (freezing point) - 40 rubles; 1 liter of non-frost-free "-10" - 30 rubles, and a summer liquid for the washer - 10 rubles. As already noted, from every liter for rent it is offered to give 10 rubles in winter and 5 rubles in summer.

It turns out that in the winter month when selling 200 liters of non-frost-free "-20", the machine collects 8,000 rubles. For rent it is necessary to give 2000 rubles, as a result there are 6000 rubles, of which the wholesale purchase of the liquid takes another 2000 rubles (10 rubles per 1 liter). As a result, there remains 4,000 rubles of net income.

Possible risks:

Vending machines in the recent past have been a curiosity for our people, but now, especially in large cities, you can everywhere meet vending machines of different focus and payment terminals, while they always have customers. The sale of ice-free ice through the machine is a new direction, which at first may not bring the expected profit. The main thing is to understand the reasons for this correctly. The main reason for the lack of profit is the wrong place to install the machine. The machine should always be in sight in places of mass appearance of cars. At night, he must attract attention by light advertising. Also, the machine must be installed so that it is convenient to drive up to fill the liquid in the tank. And of course, the price policy - the purchase of liquid through the machine should be beneficial to the motorist.

Some tips for operating the machines:

All machines must be kept in good working order, so care should be taken to ensure that its failure is notified in a timely manner, both by employees of nearby facilities and by motorists themselves. Do not be lazy, place on the machine contact numbers of your customer service. Next... machines must be kept neat, as dirty, which means uninformative display, scratched case, garbage around the machine - all this does not attract customers, but, of course, only scares. The device must be constantly filled with liquid. Through the machines you only need to sell a quality non-frost-proof and only at a price that is beneficial to the customer. On the body of the machine there should always be information about the liquid being sold, well, if it is a recognizable brand.

With a competent approach to the business and the right place of installation, you can achieve a fairly stable profit in a relatively short time, which will allow you to quickly recoup equipment and provide the owner with a stable income.

Video work of the machine for the sale of ice-free:

The case is metal, vandal-proof, floor-standing with fastening to the surface
Anticorrosion treatment, heat and moisture insulation
LCD graphic display with backlight
Control elements: metal button, light indicators
Bill acceptor ITL NV9 with 600 notes cassette
Controller programmable with statistics
Coin acceptor with all coins (accepts and tokens)
GSM module
The liquid storage capacity is 200 liters in the case
The liquid storage capacity is 500 liters in the case


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