Industrial diesel generator IDJ55Y, 55KVA



IDEA industrial diesel generators are designed for use as a backup or permanent power supply. To ensure perfect performance and safe operation, all products are subjected to rigorous load and performance tests in the factory.

Control Panel IDP300

The new IDP300 genset controller is a cost effective modular genset

controller ready for internet monitoring through plug-in modules. Its main advantages are multifunctionality, support for multiple topologies, harmonic analysis and detailed power measurements.

Software features are complete with easy firmware upgrade through USB port. The Windows based PC software allows monitoring and programming through USB, RS-485, RS-232, Ethernet and GPRS.

The Rainbow Scada web service allows monitoring and control of an unlimited number of gensets from a single central location.

Optional Equipments

Some Optional Equipment IDEA Provides with Generator Sets

■ Remote radiator applications

■ Automatic fuel filling system

■ Fuel tank, oil pan, instrument panel, alternator, coil heaters

■ Synchronization systems

■ Generator output fuse

■ Mains generator transfer switches

■ Seismic solutions

■ Remote monitoring

■ Other requested solutions

Reference Standards

IDEA Generator Sets are CE approved and comply with the following standards

■ Power according to ISO 3046 and ISO 8528

■ EN 12100 , EN 13857 , EN 60204

■ 2006/42/CE Machinery Safety

■ 2006/95/EC Low Voltage

■ 2004/108/CE EMC

■ Ambient reference conditions 1000 mbar, 25°C, 30% relative humidity ISO8528

All the information in this leaflet is intended for general purposes only. IDEA reserves the right to change the specifications without notice.

Дизель-генератор / Diesel gensetIDJ55Y
Основная электрическая мощность, кВт / кВА / PRP Power, KW / kVA40/50
Резервная электрическая мощность, кВт / кВА / LTP Power, kW / kVA44/55
Двигатель / EngineY4110D
Номинальные обороты, об/мин / Engine Speed, rpm1500
Генератор, кВА (не менее) /Alternator, КУА (not less than)55
Напряжение, частота / Voltage230/400V, 50Hz
Шумоизолирующий кожух / Super Soundproof canopyoptional
Встроенный Топливный бак / Integrated Fuel Tank*
ABP / Automatic Transfer Switch*
3-х полюсный прерыватель цепи / 3P circuit breaker*
Резиновые подставки под раму / pads under genset*
Подогреватель ОЖ двигателя / Engine heater*
Регулятор напряжения / Voltage regulator*
Контроллер Datakom с английским интерфейсом / Datakom auto control panel with English interface*
Индустриальный глушитель / industrial silencer*
Автоматическая зарядка аккумуляторов / Automatic battery charger*
Аккумуляторы / Accumulators*
Инструкция, схемы, отчет испытаний, общий технический паспорт /
Test report, operation manual, diagrams, general data sheet


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