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Self-ordering terminals, like in McDonald's fast foods, combine the roles of an electronic seller and a cashier. They allow the client to independently select a product from the electronic catalog of your store or restaurant, pay by credit card and then receive his order at the point of issue of your store / restaurant.

Introducing the Self Ordering model. You've probably seen such self-service terminals in McDonald's, KFC and other fast food (fast food restaurants).

The Self Ordering model allows the customer to choose their own product from the electronic catalog of your store or restaurant, pay by bank card and then receive your order at the point of delivery of your store / restaurant. This format of selling a product is convenient, familiar and simple for the client, which in turn leads to less workload of your employees (sales consultants, cashiers, etc.), saving the client's time and increasing the profit of your company at the expense of increasing customer loyalty and increasing patency of your store.


  • Fast food restaurants
  • Cafe
  • Retail stores
  • Wholesale Stores
  • Trade Organizations

Features of an electronic cashier:

  • Reducing staff costs
  • Increasing customer service speed, which equals extra profit
  • Product visualization - by statistics a beautiful photo of a dish is + 24% of working capital of the establishment
  • Increasing customer loyalty
  • Error elimination - the electronic cashier is not wrong

Self Ordering terminals are available in 2 different screen sizes. See the table below for more details.

Software Integration Capabilities:

  • Platform 1C
  • iiko Restaurant Automation Solution
  • Poster Restaurant Automation Solution
  • R-Keeper Restaurant Automation Solution


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