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Modern automatic lockers are currently used in various industries and for completely different purposes. They are installed in resorts and tourist centers, at railway stations and airports, in supermarkets and hypermarkets, as well as in many other establishments where there is a significant crowd of people.

Let's consider the peculiarities of using some types of automatic lockers

Automatic lockers for tourist centers

In tourist centers, where people come to rest and to attend all sorts of entertainment events, including football matches, concerts, festivals, locker rooms are created. What is a locker room? These are small rooms, usually located in the center of a tourist city or free accessibility at an event, which are equipped with automatic lockers with different sized cells connected to the control server.

Using locker rooms (storage rooms), you can provide the following services:

  • store left oversized items, which is important for tourists;
  • transfer keys to hostels and apartments through small cells;
  • leave small valuables for storage before check-in;
  • call a taxi directly from the luggage room;
  • charge mobile phones, tablets and laptops;
  • provide other services to city guests.

Let's briefly talk about the technology of the automatic storage room or locker room.

  1. Having entered the Internet resource for renting real estate, a tourist booked an apartment or a room through it. As a result, he receives a booking number on his phone, as well as the address of the location of the locker room where you can get the keys.
  2. The client can come to the place whenever he wants - the cameras work around the clock, because they do not need staff. Arriving at the place, he should enter the booking number and pay for the accommodation, if he did not do it via the Internet. The amount required to provide guarantees will be blocked on the card.
  3. Then the cell is opened and the client takes the keys, and the information about the exact address of the apartment comes to the mobile phone. A person can already move in, and if he wants to take a walk first, he can leave things in the storage room at the place and go to see local attractions.
  4. After check-out, the keys are returned back to the cell. The computer will send a request for cleaning the apartment to the cleaning service. The amount of the deposit will be unblocked after confirmation by the real estate rental service.

Thus, a tourist can leave bulky items in separate cells, walk around the city, and then call a transfer directly from the terminal. In addition, he has the opportunity to receive additional services using the luggage storage terminal: call a taxi, buy tickets to a club or a tour.

Automatic lockers for airports, railway stations and bus stations

At airports, railway stations and bus stations, one cannot do without luggage storage. Automatic lockers of the old type have long outlived their usefulness and have been replaced by modern automatic lockers that meet all international standards and provide much more opportunities. The control unit of a modern Automatic lockers, as a rule, is equipped with a full-color touch screen 10-17 ", all possible devices for payment: a bill acceptor, a coin acceptor, a POS terminal for bank cards, as well as a receipt printer and, if necessary, a barcode scanner. Configuration of automatic cells is modular. and is optimized for storing luggage or personal belongings of different sizes: travel bags, large suitcases, gadgets. Due to the modular design of the locker, it can be placed in the most convenient place and in the most convenient form. Most modern Automatic lockers operates on a client-server basis, which is beneficial distinguishes them from standalone solutions.

Modern Automatic lockers models boast the following capabilities:

  • multilingual;
  • the presence of voice guidance and even control;
  • remote access capability;
  • availability of a video surveillance system;
  • flexible setting of tariffs for each size individually;
  • the ability to change the functionality of the software;
  • placement of cables for charging mobile devices in the compartment;
  • availability of an uninterruptible power supply for stable operation;
  • function of the payment terminal and the parcel terminal module;
  • the ability to access the Internet.

...and whatever else you might want, and we will implement it in this device.

Automatic lockers for retail

In markets, entertainment and shopping centers, as well as in some enterprises, you can see bag lockers specially adapted for these places. Such equipment allows to increase the time spent by the buyer in the sales area by about a third. Customers can leave their outerwear, things and purchases in the cells, that is, everything that limits their comfort and drives them to leave the store. Bag lockers implemented with automatic cameras are even more efficient and convenient. Customers trust them 100 percent, as they have no locks to break and no keys to lose.

Automatic lockers for shops and shopping centers have a number of obvious advantages:

  • there are significant savings on keys, locks and tags;
  • the risk of theft of visitors' belongings is significantly reduced;
  • multilingual and user-friendly touch interface provides comprehensive information about the offered products and services;
  • additional income is provided due to: services for charging mobile devices, built-in payment terminal, paid Internet access and displaying video ads;
  • the possibility of using Automatic lockers as a parcel machine, and this is another source of income.

All these amenities allow you to attract more visitors, providing them with a comfortable shopping experience, and this is a guarantee of positive reviews in the media and social networks.

Automatic lockers for issuing orders in retail made via the Internet

Automatic lockers, designed for issuing orders that were made via the Internet, are a very good solution for super- and hypermarkets. It also consists in the use of an automatic storage room in the store for issuing already collected goods / products. Such chambers can be additionally equipped with refrigeration equipment, which makes it possible to store perishable food for a long time.

As many know, there are always a lot of people in supermarkets in the evening. This scares off a lot of potential visitors, forcing them to go to competitors. So why lose profits going to others if you can reach the entire clientele?

An automatic camera for dispensing products installed in a supermarket along with a specialized application (website) is able to attract customers who are tired of the problem of choosing an item in the shopping area and then queuing to pay for it.

New equipment makes it possible to simplify the buyer's task as much as possible. It will be enough for him to select the necessary goods and pay for them using built-in payment devices or through payment services on the Internet. Then the supermarket employees collect the order and put it in special cells (can be refrigerated), designed for orders made via the Internet. Then the system sends information about the order to the buyer, and the client can pick it up at a convenient time, and without going through the halls and standing in queues.

Parcel lockers

For the delivery of goods, as well as goods purchased via the Internet, courier and postal services are increasingly using parcel terminals - automated stations through which small items are accepted and delivered. The post office is actually an automated storage room with many cells of different sizes, designed for different sizes of correspondence and parcels, according to the standards of postal services. Access to the required cell is provided by entering the code provided by the courier service or the online store, as well as by authorization through the mobile application.

Now let's see what advantages the parcel machine has when compared to other delivery methods.

  • The shipped cargo is delivered promptly and at a time convenient for the client.
  • Receiving a shipment through parcel terminals does not require painful waiting in line to the operator.
  • Cargo can be received at any time of the day: early in the morning, at lunchtime, in the evening and even at night.
  • It is possible to constantly monitor the status of the cargo: information about the movement of the cargo and its arrival at the parcel locker in a convenient form is available via the Internet, in a mobile application or by sending.
  • Parcels can be picked up anonymously by simply entering your mobile phone number.

What you need to do to use postomat as a delivery method, for example, an order from an online store:

When placing an order, indicate your preferred delivery method. Next, choose the device that is most convenient for you in terms of location, paying attention to the schedule of its work. After the order with delivery is completed, you will receive an SMS or e-mail stating that the goods must be paid for. If the order was paid at the time of registration, then the cell number and the access code to it will already be indicated. Upon arrival, select the "Receive parcel" option in the parcel machine menu, enter the codes indicated in the notification, sign your finger on the screen (on demand), then pick up the parcel and enjoy your purchase!

Automated safe deposit boxes

In recent years, the demand for automated safe deposit boxes has been actively growing. Recently, it is almost impossible to rent such a safe deposit box in banking institutions. Automatic safe deposit boxes are a relatively new, completely safe and very convenient way of storing valuables and valuables. To do this, it is quite enough to install the equipment directly in the bank or organize the storage yourself. One of the highlights of this equipment is that there is no need to conclude an agreement with anyone to store things in them. The owner of such a cell remains incognito. Access to the cell can be made multi-level (several stages of passing authentication), thereby ensuring the complete safety of the property stored there.

Modern automatic safe deposit boxes are specialized equipment with a number of features:

  • are made, as a rule, of thicker metal, up to 5 mm.
  • the cubicles are equipped with locks with a higher security class.
  • data is encrypted when controls interact.
  • the cell can be accessed by retinas, fingerprints, and facial recognition.
  • there is a 2- or 3-step authentication option.

Such equipment can be used to store expensive items, securities, documents, keys, weapons. Cells have different sizes for different purposes. A well-guarded room with a video surveillance system is required to place bank cells.

Vending machines

The name "cell" speaks for itself. The purchaser takes the purchased goods from the cell of the device. Such machines are intended mainly for the sale of relatively large products, for example:

  • fragile goods or goods that require careful handling (mobile phones, liquids in glass containers, chicken eggs);
  • goods with non-standard sizes (tires);
  • paints and varnishes (in hardware stores);
  • oils, washers, canisters (at gas stations).

Cells in such devices come in different sizes, and can also be equipped with transparent doors. The customer takes the goods placed inside after paying for it. Fast loading of goods is ensured thanks to the barcode system.

We can say that automatic lockers are used today in almost all areas of service. This is due to their convenience, practicality, as well as the fact that they quickly pay off and can significantly reduce labor costs.

POSSIBLE EXECUTIONS (we also do it on order)

Control Processor Module Large
- large touch screen 17 "
- receipt thermal printer
- barcode scanner
- RFID card reader
- payment devices (banknotes, coins, cards)

Processor Control Module Small
- 7 "touch screen
- receipt thermal printer
- barcode scanner
- RFID card reader
- payment devices (banknotes, coins, cards)

Section of 2 blocks "Parcel locker" (2x10)
- dimensions of the VSHG block: 1900 * 400 * 500
- cells: 100-5, 200-3, 400-2

Section of 2 blocks "Automatic locker Market" (2x6)
- dimensions of the VSHG block: 1900 * 400 * 500
- cells: 310-6

Section of 2 blocks "Automatic locker Station" (2х4)
- dimensions of the VSHG block: 1900 * 400 * 500
- cells: 470-4

Section of 2 blocks "Automatic locker Vending" (2x8)
- dimensions of the HSHG block: 1900 * 300 * 350
- cells: 235-8


current version

  • lock for emergency access to the cell management CPU
  • emergency opening function of any door
  • built-in WatchDog against CPU freezing
  • the ability to set a sound alarm
  • side plates, installed only along the edges of the general structure of the Automatic lockers / Postmat, performing both an aesthetic function and protection of the outer doors from side access, for the purpose of breaking, by folding
  • the minimum distance between sections, while maintaining the maximum cell capacity by width
  • minimum shelf thickness to ensure maximum cell height
  • the minimum thickness of the lock zone, which provides the maximum cell capacity in width
  • Possibility of completing with LCD touch screen that takes up minimum space on Automatic lockers / Postmate
  • the presence of height-adjustable feet to compensate for uneven floors
  • the height of the modules is 1900mm, which is higher and therefore more spacious than most competitive solutions



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