System for selling purified water in a residential building

Among the products necessary for a person, there is one, without which no person will physically be able to live a few days. It is about ordinary drinking water. The water that comes to us in the faucet is still purified by the old standards and despite the fact that it undergoes the necessary stages of purification, its quality is estimated as "moderately polluted". Therefore, most residents of large and small cities are forced to spend extra money on drinking water. We offer you our "System for the sale of clean water". The system is simply installed in the right place. This may be the entrance of a dwelling house, a hospital, an institution of higher education, an office, a shopping center, a grocery store, etc. That is, any place of accumulation of the consumer. A buyer who does not depend on the schedule of work of water supply companies, the schedule of work of kiosks for the sale of water, shops will receive a long-awaited water, and you earn your money.
  • The machine for selling water can be installed anywhere, indoors and outdoors. Before installing, pay attention to the minimum area, and thus the rent will be minimal
  • Ability to install the devices in residential areas in the entrances, significantly expanding the range of consumers.
  • Lack of staffing needs: salesperson, cashier, guardian, shop floor administrator, etc.
  • The machine for selling water can work around the clock, without holidays and weekends. Simple, low-cost operation and maintenance
  • The cleaning system is very effective and does not require frequent maintenance
  • The automated system works by supplying water from the drainage system
  • You can quickly, at any time of day and without queues, to buy purified drinking water near the house
  • The cost of liters of bottled water is much lower than the cost of retail in the store
  • The level of cleaning is much higher

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