Street protective and soundproof cover for generators



The outdoor protective and soundproof casing for generators is designed to significantly reduce the level of noise emitted by generators, as well as protect them from weather and vandalism.

THE GENERATOR HOUSING is designed to significantly reduce noise and protect against damage or theft

  • the dimensions of the housing allow you to install most models with a capacity of up to 8KVA
  • convenient metal housing
  • powder coating with anti-corrosion treatment
  • moisture insulation to protect against weather precipitation
  • noise insulation with professional material
  • quiet forced ventilation with flow redirection for heat removal
  • access to installation and maintenance of the generator from the side and above
  • handy carrying handles
  • gas shock absorber on the top cover for fixation during maintenance
  • reliable protective locks
  • reinforced bottom with supports for lifting above the surface


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